9/11/10: the Day After


Poor Imam, Poor Daisy – they don’t understand how what’s sitting in California (at my place) will pull down their little Cordoba victory mosque.

* * *

Imam Rauf and Daisy Khan may not have broke ground yesterday for their Victory Mosque at Ground Zero.  But I did – broke ground, that is.

Opened the door.  Walked into my studio and did a bit of groundbreaking.  Not with shovel and dirt but with oils and brushes on canvas.

Broke ground on the epic painting, “The Genesis of 9/11: the Massacre of the Jews of Median by Muhammad.”  The central work of our project The Muhammad Paintings Project.

You lost, Imam.  Standing at the door of the Burlington Coat Factory, shovel-less, here I am (little old me) sketching, dabbing, brushing away.

Next year, on the Tenth Anniversary of the Great Muhammadan Horror over the skies of New York, I will be exhibiting “Genesis” – maybe down the block from Ground Zero – where will you be?

Still,  maybe you can assist.  I’m a bit stumped.

In composing the painting I was not going to show the Prophet’s face as he stands before a heaped up pile of beheaded Median Jews mingled with the JUMPERS of the Towers.

Now I think I will!

But help me out here.  Whose image should I use as a stand-in for Muhammad?  Need a working model.  Any suggestions? Dead or alive will do.

Toss me a passing note, Rauf.  Love to hear from you.  Now’s the time.  You or Daisy never did answer my earlier messages.

Had sent those emails via “AK”.  If “AK” never delivered them you need to pop him a tweet.  Sit him down and ask him what’s up!


The Artist/ The Muhammad Paintings Collection


About stephengolay
Painter. Original works in oils and graphite drawings. Subjects: Historic California and Native American Chiefs. War & "The Provocatives".

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